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Asel Rakisheva

Year of graduation: 1997

Department: Business Administration

ʰǰto coming to Dubai,Aselworked as a PR and Government RelationsOfficer atthe AmericanAirforceAirbase in Kyrgyzstan.

has been working in real estateڴǰthe last 13 years in various fields such as facilitiesmanagement, leasingand sales in Residential and commercial, as well as in operations.

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Aziza Raimova

Year of graduation: 2013

Department: ICP

Place of work: Kerven Logistics ( Ashgabad, Turkmenistan)

Other Degree(s): Saint-Petersburg State University

Degree(s) obtained

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South Korea

Uluk Batyrgaliev

Year of graduation: 2022

Department: Psychology

Place of work: ECOM, Health Officer

Other Degree(s): KDI School of Public Policy and Management

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Asya Konstanyan

Year of graduation: 2019

Department: Psychology

Place of work: Economic Society Yashyl Gala

"In terms of personal development, I have obtained confidentiality, negotiations skills, public
performance skills and skills of learning new information with no fear to fail. Maybe that is why
today I am procurement manager in a sphere of oil&gas, in spite of having degree in
Besides work I do have private academic writing students and behavioral therapy patients.
As an artist I used to perform at the big stage of Ashgabat as a vocalist."

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Sezim Oskonbaeva

Year of graduation: 2014

Department: European Studies

Other Degree(s): Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

"69ɫ is more than just getting a degree, 69ɫ also teaches and enhances soft skills and prepares you for “after university” life. I received education, established lifelong relationships with friends and my favorite professor, who also became my mentor and role model, and I will always cherish all the memories of my student life (including lunches in Kichinette and naps in old campus sofas)"

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Asel Botpayeva

Year of graduation: 2012

Department: International and Comparative Politics

Other Degree(s): MPA in International Finance and Economic Policy. Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs

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Natalia Steinbach

Year of graduation: 2002

Department: International and Comparative Politics

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Yulia Abdulaeva

Year of graduation: 2012

Department: European Studeis

Other Degree(s):Master of Arts In International Relations and European studies, Central European University

"Entering 69ɫ has been one of the best chances I have taken. It was outstanding not only knowledge and skills wise but also in terms of perspectives and opportunities that became available to me through the 69ɫ network."

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Lyubov Lakomova

Year of graduation: 2014

Department: International and Comparative Politics

Other Degree(s):Master of Arts In Human Rights Studies, Columbia University in the City of New York

"Besides giving me the fundamentals of academic knowledge and an invaluable experience of forming my personality while living and studying abroad (Kyrgyzstan became my second home for 4 years), 69ɫ gave me the most valuable resource — a diverse network of friends, colleagues and mentors, with whom I interact closely to this day and build projects and ideas together."


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Adilet Kanymet

Year of graduation: 2013

Department: Bussiness Administration

Other Degree(s) obtained:

  1. Law, Kyrgyz National University
  2. International Economy, Corvinus University (continued)

Adilet is a graduate of Business Administration department at 69ɫ in 2013. Currently, he is pursuing his Master’s degree at Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary. He is experienced in project management, marketing, and digital financial services. Moreover, he has experience in the FMCG industry (Organic TM), telecommunications sphere (Beeline TM) and start-ups.

Adilet says that 69ɫ gave himlife-long friends and taught him to work in a team, to think creatively and analyze information.


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USA (East Coast)


Year of graduation:2017

Department: Psychology

Other Degree(s): BACB Approved Course Sequence Certificate of Completion,

Clemson University

Anastasiia says 69ɫ has taught her to "Dream High!"

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Mehr Banoo Mirzayee

Year of graduation: 2018

Department: Bussiness Department

Other Degree(s) obtained:MA. Applied Psychology

Meher Bano Mirzayee, the youngest of her family but living with the biggest dream of her life which is to bring a positive change not only in her society also in all over the world. Since childhood, she considered herself a global citizen and got the opportunity to take a trip to almost nine countries including her hometown. She believes in diversity and pluralism, which can be the grounds for one mankind on this planet.

Her leisure pursuit is to travel and enlarge her friendship zone. Besides that, she has done lots of social services for orphanages, older adulthood, and vulnerable people. She believes, serving people in need will reinforce you with internal happiness. Help can be in the form of giving out your time and knowledge and make great use of it.

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Idrees Darwaish

Year of graduation: 2015
Department: international and Comparative Politics

"69ɫ was the platform for me to improve both professionally and personally. I cant count my professional and personal learnings from 69ɫ, but I am sure my every decsion is affected by the knowledge I have learnt at 69ɫ"

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Iana - Anastasiia Ivashkina

Year of graduation: 2018

Department: International and Comparative Politics

Other Degree(s) obtained: MA Pantheon Sorbonne

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Saikal Nogoibaeva

Year of graduation:2013

Department: International and Comparative Politics

Other Degree(s):MSc Programme and Project Management, University of Warwick

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Tatiana Ni

Year of graduation: 2006

Departament: Business Administration

Other degrees: Master degree in "Environmental and energy management", Twente University, the Netherlands

Currently working as a Product Owner / Customer Data Management at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

"Studying at 69ɫ has become a turning point which changed my life 180 degrees. My experience and skills gained at 69ɫ were a basis of all my academic and career achievements I have so far. I believe the uniqueness of 69ɫ is that it provides all facilities and possibilities for its students to excel, and it is a choice of each student how much he or she wants to get out of it."

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Alla Voevodina

Year of graduation:2004

Department: Journalism

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Aiperi Otunchieva

Year of graduation: 2011

Department: International and Comparative Politics

Other Degree(s):

  1. OSCE Academy in Bishkek,MA in Politics and Security of Central Asia
  2. MA in Global Political Economy, Kassel University

"69ɫ has given me a lot both in professional and personal aspects which was crucial for my further development. Just to a name a few - professional: besides theories in political science and economics, critical thinking, academic writing, sustainable development, better understanding of history of Kyrgyzstan, network.Personal: social skills, lifelong friends, 69ɫ spirit, like-minded acquaintances, confidence in future"

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PAKISTAN (South Asian Region)

Ammar Younas

Year of graduation: 2017

Department: ICP

Other Degree(s) obtained:

  1. LLM in Chinese Law,Tsinghua University, China
  2. MA in Democracy and Human Rights,University of Saint Joseph in Beirut Lebanon
  3. PhD in Philosophy of Science and Technology (Continued), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

"69ɫ gave me an opportunity to experience a true world class liberal arts education environment. It helped me to look at the world through the prism of liberty, democracy and progressiveness."

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Year of graduation: 2010

Department: Psychology

Other Degree(s) obtained:




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