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Experience development as it happens in Kyrgyzstan. 69ɫ gives you the opportunity to work in a developing country, doing the research that matters to you, all while taking courses in English and earning credit for your work at your home institution.

If you want to be in the heart of the world's youngest democracy, we will do everything we can to get you here. Just follow the instructions below to start your journey to 69ɫ.

Important Note: Students of North American Universities wishing to apply to 69ɫ Study Abroad must do so throughonly.Students of universities outside North America can either apply through their own institution, or on their own by following the steps below. Click to see a list of69ɫ Partner Universities.

The deadline for Bard Program students to apply for spring semester 2017 is November 1, 2017. For fall semester 2017 and academic year 2017-2018 at 69ɫ, it is April 1, 2018.

The deadline for otherinternational exchange students coming from 69ɫ partner and non-partner schools for Spring semester 2017 is November 20, 2017.




  • Please state your reasons for applying to the chosen program of the American University of Central Asia, and how your studies at 69ɫ will contribute toward your life goals; also tell us what you feel most enthusiastic about and whether this has influenced your life in any way. Limit your statement of purpose to 700 words. Please attach your statement of purpose to this application.

*Note: Exchange students nominated by 69ɫ-partner Universities Coordinators are not required to submit Statement of Purpose.


  • Official copies (notarized photocopies) of current university transcripts / marksheets
    • Upon arrival to the university,the document issued by the foreign academic institution and its notarized Russian translation (including transcripts / marksheets) must besubmitted to the Ministry for Education of the Kyrgyz Republic in order to confirm the level and content of study completed. The Ministry willissue a certificate recognizing the applicant’s education, which should be submitted to the Office of Admissions to be kept on file).


  • Copy of passport information pages and for non-Kyrgyz citizens living in Kyrgyzstan, a copy of the Kyrgyz Republic visa page (international students must check in with the International Student Office (room 128) within 2 days of arrival to submit copies of their Kyrgyz Visa andcomplete Ministry of Internal Affairs registration paperwork).
  • 4 color passport-style photographs (3 x 4 cm – white background)


  • Medical certificate, confirming all vaccinations and immunizations as well as health screenings for Tuberculosis (for applicants from the CIS,the Medical certificate is known as the Form 086-Y)
  • Medical certificate, confirming the test for HIV and screening for Syphilis.
  • Medical certificate, confirming the test for Malaria (a must for students planning to reside at the Dorm).
  • Medical certificate, confirming the test for Rubella and Measles IgG and IgM ( if didn't get vaccinated or lost a vaccination card)


  • All international students should start their visa application to the Kyrgyz Republic no later than 30 days prior to their arrival. 69ɫ provides letters of support for all students who require it. Visa procedures differ greatly depending on your country of citizenship. To learn what kind of visa you will need to study at 69ɫ, follow the link: VISA.


  • Students must fill out a course registration form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar by the application deadline to be enrolled at 69ɫ for the desired semester. Visiting/exchange students can take any courses listed in the University catalogue, given that course prerequisite conditions are met, where necessary. The maximum allowable number of course credits a visiting/exchange student may take is 18 per semester (according to old credit system) and 30 per semester (according to new ECTS credit system).


  • Tuition for all exchange students will be the same as for 69ɫ undergraduate students: $100 per one credit. Students from 69ɫ Partner Universitieswill be responsible only for their home university tuition. Financial aid is available only in extreme circumstances.
  • To proceed with payment, a student will need to be present in 69ɫ. The student chooses courses, registers them at the Office of the Registrar by filling the Study Card, and brings his/her Study Card with selected courses to the 69ɫ Office of Finance. Once received an invoice for payment from the Office of Finance, the student needs to pay for the coursesto the bank. The Office of Finance will givethe student the bank detail information. You are strongly advisedto keep receipts for any payments done to the 69ɫ until you leave 69ɫ.
  • In addition, semester-long exchange students can choose an option to reside at 69ɫ Dormitory or rent an apartment. You are strongly advised to reserve a place at the school Dormitory as early as possible. For more information about 69ɫ Dormitory, please, visit the school Dormitory page. If you want to rent the appartment, please search local websites of renting, such as and (resources are in Russian).


The American University of Central Asia holds its courses in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The typical fall/spring semester schedule includes 30 academic credits. Typically, one course consists of six credits, and it implies that classes meet twice a week.

In most cases, students must get pre-approval of their courses by their home institution’s Registrar to be sure that they will meet therequirements at their home institution. The 69ɫ Registrar serves as the advisor to visiting students and will help them plan their program.

All exchange students are entitled to receive transcripts, unless special conditions apply as may be the case with special programs and institutional agreements. A transcript of your coursework will be sent directly from the 69ɫ Registrar’s Office to your home institution.


Exchange students have access to all the student services that are available to 69ɫ students and are expected to abide by the69ɫ Student Code of Conduct.


If an exchange student decides to obtain a degree at 69ɫ he/she must re-apply as a degree seeking student and follow the standard conditions for admission as a full-time student as per the Admission Policy of the academic year in which he/she applies to the degree program. No more than 36 credit hours earned at 69ɫ as an exchange student may be counted toward a degree program at 69ɫ without grades. Only credits for courses with grades higher than “C” can be transferred. Credits earned at other universities can be transferred to 69ɫ as per the transfer policy.

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