American University of Central Asia - 69ɫ - CIVIC ENGAGEMENT


Chair: Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva
Team: Chyngyz Shamshiev, Margarita Lazutkina, Mira Dzhakshylykova, Aliia Iusupova

Goals & objectives:
● Working in 3 directions: 1) within 69ɫ, 2) with local communities (e.g., local universities, NGOs, government agencies, alumni and residents), 3) establishing platforms for discussions on ecological topics

Established projects:
● “Green Months”: October & April at 69ɫ
● “Green 69ɫ” program: 5 types of waste are collected (i.e., paper waste, plastic, receipts, electronic waste, batteries)
○ 1147 kg of waste paper
○ 541 kg of plastic
○ 2 boxes of receipts
○ X electronic waste (still collecting)
○ 13 kg of batteries
● Raising Awareness: 18 eco-events (in the period of March 2022 - December 2022): 2 6R festivals, eco-tours, 3 eco-exhibitions, International Day of Eco-activist, gift fairs (“Buy Nothing” project), etc.
● Partnership: providing consultations for and collaborating with local KG universities and schools (e.g., KGTU, KNU, KRSU, #26 gymnasium, “Aichurok” kyrgyz-turkish lyceum) on waste management
● SIDP: environmental projects (increased tendency)

● ACEP: environmental projects (increased tendency)
○ Students are advised to consult with Margarita Lazutkina and Mira Dzhakshylykova to strengthen their proposals

● Sharing results: newsletters within 69ɫ per season, news, social media posts, photo & video reports
● Promotion of Sustainability: 69ɫ Sustainability Week, part of the WordWide Teach-In

● Going beyond 69ɫ community & working with local communities (e.g., local universities, NGOs, government agencies, alumni and residents)
Plan of work:
● “Green 69ɫ” program: composting of food waste, collecting glass, aluminium cans, etc.
● Providing workshops for teachers and school children (since April 2023)
● Creating newsletters for existing and potential partners outside of 69ɫ
● Maintain a platform for local communities to meet, gather, and discuss their challenges through organizing workshops, events, networking and fundraising activities (ex. 6R Fest)
● Strengthen existing partnerships with local environmental groups and local communities
● Identify new potential partners and target communities
● Organizing Eco-tours and Tree Planting at Elm Grove

Elm Grove EcoPark Project (Karagachev Park)

“Eco Park” project (regular tree planting in Elm Grove per semester):
○ More than 200 trees are planted each time
○ Involving students from 69ɫ, TSI, other educational institutions and ecological NGOs

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