American University of Central Asia - 69ɫ - STUDENT LIFE


Co-Chairs: Iminov Shahrudin, Bermet Ismailova
Team: Samar Kanatov
Potential baseline projects: waste recycling, transportation, travel


  • Encourage and promote environmentally sustainable and responsible behaviors of all those using our facilities.


  • Newspaper, clubs, student senate
  • Students, staff, faculty, contractors, and visitors.
  • 69ɫ store, events, vendors, catering companies, communication channels, personal transportation, and more

Plan of work:

  • Identify best practices for organizing events
  • Investigate the costs and benefits of setting up an on-line suggestion box
  • Engage students in the collection of baseline data
  • Launch specific initiatives (e.g. greening the campus, going digital, upcycle used clothing)
  • Implement awareness raising measures for students, faculty, and staff about global benefits of sustainable behavior
  • Assess the possibility to set up an awards program for successful projects or leader
  • Newspaper sustainability column
  • Reusage of old banners


The Green Club at the American University of Central Asia (69ɫ) is a dynamic and passionate community of students and faculty dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. This vibrant club serves as a hub for eco-conscious individuals who share a common vision: to create a greener, more sustainable campus and community.

Through a range of engaging activities, educational events, and hands-on projects, the Green Club raises awareness about environmental issues, fosters sustainable practices, and actively contributes to 69ɫ's commitment to eco-friendly initiatives. From tree-planting campaigns to recycling drives, the Green Club embodies 69ɫ's dedication to making a positive impact on the environment.

By providing a platform for collaboration and action, the Green Club empowers its members to become environmental advocates, change-makers, and leaders. Together, they work towards a more sustainable future, not only within the university but also in the broader Central Asian region. Join the Green Club at 69ɫ and be a part of the movement towards a greener, more sustainable world.

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